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Your Trusted Mortgage Broker

Having served in both the lender and brokerage space since 2012, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decisions when it comes to mortgages. If you’d like to learn more about me, how I started out, and the various positions I’ve worked with throughout the years, check out my resume below.

2022 - PRESENT


  • Conduct thorough consultations with clients to understand their financial goals and mortgage requirements

  • Stay updated on a wide range of mortgage products and options offered by various lenders

  • Continuously monitor global market trends and analysis to gain insight towards Canadian mortgage market trends, interest rates, etc..

  • Cultivate and nurture strong relationships with approximately 47 lenders to secure competitive rates and financing solutions for clients

  • Stay up to date on all industry, regulatory and/or legislative requirements to ensure optimal compliance 

  • Underwrite and adjudication of mortgage applications, ensuring all necessary documentation is complete and accurate.

  • Conduct financial analysis and risk assessments to evaluate mortgage options for clients

  • Negotiate mortgage terms, rates, and conditions with lenders to secure favourable deals for clients

  • Provide ongoing support to clients throughout the mortgage process and beyond including assistance with closing process (through lawyers and or title companies)

  • Utilize technology tools and software systems to streamline mortgage processes and improve efficiency

  • Uphold high ethical standards and professionalism in all interactions

  • Won the 'Opal Award' for funding volume of loans in the range $12 million to $24 million within my first calendar year with Indi Mortgage



  • Spearhead the development and execution of a comprehensive mortgage training curriculum tailored for team members

  • Offer consistent coaching and guidance to mortgage team to enhance their product comprehension

  • Collaborate closely with real estate agents to ensure seamless transactions and provide specialized mortgage advice to clients

  • Oversee the underwriting process, from application submission to closing

  • Cultivate and nurture strong relationships with approximately 47 lenders to secure competitive rates and financing solutions for clients

  • Conduct thorough market analyses to identify growth opportunities and adapt strategies to suit the Canadian mortgage landscape

  • Deliver exceptional customer service, promptly addressing inquiries, and guiding clients

  • Participate in regular weekly and monthly meetings with the Real Estate and Mortgage team to provide updates on Canadian mortgage operations and provide insights for real estat

2020 - 2022


  • Help develop a learning academy for Agents/Brokers and Staff of the Brokerage. 

  • Present monthly as well as 1-on-1 underwriting and industry training

  • Provide consulting services to new and experienced agents

  • Provide end-to-end underwriting/adjudication for Agents/Brokers of the brokerage 

  • Negotiate Mortgage terms, rates, and conditions with lenders to secure favorable deals for clients

  • Nurture and developing business relationships within the industry

  • Develop and enhancing lender partnership agreements

  • Ensure quick and efficient turnaround time of all applications

  • Pipeline management

  • Management of Mortgage Fulfilment team


  • Decided to work as a Mortgage Agent, building my own business and clientele while under the brokerage

2018 - 2020


  • Review, adjudicate and underwrite broker applications

  • Review and upload documentation to satisfy conditions of mortgages for approved applications

  • Maintain and work an ever-growing deal pipeline

  • Maintain and build broker partner relations

  • Work closely with credit, QC and AML/ATF teams to ensure accuracy in presentation of deals and maintain overall high levels of deal compliance

  • Ensuring all service level agreements are met or exceeded to further company reputation in the broker industry

  • Assist team members with deal inquiries for matters such as adjudication and credit decision, as well as policy and procedures

  • Maintain a high level knowledge of policies and procedures to ensure efficient work and underwriting processes

2016 - 2018


  • Manage day to day operations within our main office location.

  • Manage a team of administrative, conditions and compliance staff as well as agents registered through Intrend Mortgage Inc (Approximately 70 agents)

  • Manage underwriting pipeline between all office locations (two locations in Markham, one location in Richmond Hill)

  • Provide weekly training and tips for completing mortgage applications from start to finish for agents and staff.

  • Review all applications submitted by Mortgage Agents, as well as underwrite and prepare deals for submission to lenders.

  • Review of at least 10 applications per day

  • Have inherent knowledge of multiple lenders to ensure accuracy in placing deals

  • Maintained Exceptional efficiency ratios with all major lending partners

  • Maintain relationship with all lending partners including banks, alternative lenders, private lenders, and personal lenders.

  • Maintain private mortgage portfolio as well as maintain renewal pipelines for all existing deals.

  • Help develop internal CRM system, as well as multiple training modules used throughout the company for existing and new agents.

  • Process and generate information derived from internet leads by contacting clients and providing advice as to how to proceed on files

2015 - 2016


  • Communicating with underwriters/brokers for incoming deals to allow appropriate understanding of the requirements and conditions of the deal. 

  • Documentation for each deal is collected and assembled into a general file. 

  • Solicitor instructions are then generated for the file ensuring all appropriate clauses are addressed, and provided to the appropriate law office. 

  • Constant communication and follow-up with brokers and mortgage agents via e-mail and phone conversation ensure appropriate documentation is received for each file to meet the credit requirements of the company. 

  • All information is updated in the system and analyzed in line with TDS and GDS ratios. Any documentation that does not meet guidelines is brought to the attention of senior management to develop a best plan of action, or to obtain approval. After completion of final review, the deal is brought directly to the funding department for final processing.

  • Origination of mortgage application from brokers, as well as maintaining relationships with brokers

  • Ensuring quick and efficient turnaround time of all applications

  • Review of at least 10 application per day

2012, 2013, 2014


Starting as a summer student at HomeTrust is what propelled me on my career path in mortgages.

  • Completing lawyer instructions, fixing minor underwriting mistakes, contacting law offices, as well as ensuring that the appropriate law offices received the proper documentation needed to complete the file. 

  • Duties also involved assembling individual mortgage files in an organized manner for the ease of access of workers involved in further processing of the files (Underwriters, mortgage officers, credit managers and funders).

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