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Paying by Phone


A phrase that has always stuck out in my head is: "...the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows..." I can personally say I have had my share of good times and bad. There are events that have occurred in my life that happened both with and without my control. It is pretty safe to say that I am not alone in that sentiment. 

Some times, those bad events can take a really big toll on us. That one event could cause another, and then another and eventually everything is snowballing out of control. Sometimes you are lucky enough to get back on your feet before things get too bad, or you get the help you need at the right time. But what happens when you can't pay your bills, and your credit starts dropping, and the collection notices start rolling in? By that point, people who have turned to the banks that they held their mortgage with in the good times have now been told there is nothing the bank can do to help you.

People typically reach out to debt consolidators or insolvency companies as they think they have no other options. But what if I told you that an open conversation with me about your situation could actually provide you an alternative option. If you already own a home and are starting to struggle, the sooner you talk to me, the sooner I can right the ship. But even if you have already declared bankruptcy (even multiple times) or are in an active or recently discharged proposal, you still have options.

Whether you are looking to break into the market and are being haunted by your past or current credit issues, or want to see if you could use your current home to help pick you up when you are down - I am here to help.

I tell your story in the appropriate light, to ensure your best chance at attaining financing. Even if you think your situation is dire, there is always a way to climb back into the real estate market. Let me help you find that way by making an appointment today.

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